Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner w/PS3

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Black Diamond Stoneworks’ Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner with PS3 easily cleans both natural wood floors and laminate floors without leaving behind streaks or dulling residue. The new formula includes our revolutionary additive – PS3 (Triple-Action Poly Shield). Provides a streak-free shine and prevents soil from attaching to surfaces. Our Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is a safe alternative to damaging floor cleaners that may remove the finish and dry the wood out over time. All you need to do is spray on the floor surface and wipe away; no rinsing is necessary! Our Non-Toxic cleaner is water-based and quickly removes food and beverage spills, dirt, oil, footprints and more!

  • It provides a streak-free clean every time!
  • Great on Wood or Laminate floors!
  • It is safe around children and pets. Eco-friendly!
  • Cleans Better, leaving NO cleanser residue!
  • Prevents soil from attaching to the surface!
  • Saves money and saves time by making cleaning easier and faster the next time!