Granite Polish Preserver w/PS3

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Let your home’s marble and granite surfaces dazzle and shine the way they are supposed to. Keep your marble and granite durable, sophisticated and beautiful without damaging their natural look. Make all this possible by investing in a product that is fast-acting, easy to apply and safe to use.

Stop stressing out over polish preservers that require hours of backbreaking effort for them to work. Imagine getting that streak-free clean EVERY TIME but without suffering from shoulder and back muscle pains caused by harsh, laborious scrubbing.

Easily and quickly get rid of spills, stains, dirt, dust, oil, and footprints with the superior formula of Black Diamond Stoneworks Marble and Granite Polish Preserver. A few quick sprays, a few wipes and you’re good to go – no rinse needed. Now you have more time and energy to spend with your loved ones.

Sit back and relax while you watch your kids enjoy their afternoon playtime because the preserver is hypoallergenic so they are safe to use on the floor.

Be proud of your home and your smart choices. Black Diamond Stoneworks Marble and Granite Polish Preserver is not just ANY polish preserver – it’s eco-friendly and biodegradable so it effectively cleans and preserves without harming Mother Earth.

  • Removes spills, stains, dirt, dust, oil, footprints
  • Streak-free clean every time
  • Great on all types of wood, laminate or engineered floors
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Just spray and wipe dry, no rinse needed
  • Hypoallergenic formula, safe for children and pets
  • Saves money and time by making cleaning easier and faster

Granite Care System: Black Diamond's Granite Care System will keep your granite looking great in just three steps.
1) CLEAN your granite daily with our Granite Counter Cleaner.
2) POLISH your granite every two weeks using our Polish Preserver.
3) SEAL it once a year with our Granite Nex-Gen Sealer.