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GET SERIOUS Septic Tank Treatment Liquid Natural Enzymes For Residential, Commercial, Industrial, RV’s Systems

GET SERIOUS Septic Tank Treatment Liquid Natural Enzymes For Residential, Commercial, Industrial, RV’s Systems

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Black Diamond’s “GET SERIOUS” Septic Tank Treatment is a blend of billions, yes billions of bacterial spores that will enter the system and colonize the lateral lines and holding tank and keep them open and functioning. GET SERIOUS Septic Tank Treatment will continually produce enzymes that break down and liquefy suspended solids such as fats, greases, toilet and other papers, carbohydrates, and proteins. Rotten egg odors (hydrogen sulfide odors) are reduced by these potent bacteria as they liquefy the organic solids and help the effluent flow freely and easily into the subsoil. Regular treatment with GET SERIOUS Septic Tank Treatment prevents foul odors, foul gases, unnecessary pumping, excavation bills, embarrassment, complaints from neighbors, ponding drain fields, and inoperative dry wells. Septic Tank Challenges — A septic tank’s function is to hold organic waste long enough to allow digestion and liquefaction and to facilitate drainage of this liquid into the subsoil. However, they can overflow, emit foul odors and gases, and cause backups of sewage into plumbing fixtures, clog drain field pores, plug drain field soil, and cause unnecessary pumping and excavation bills. These problems can occur if there are not enough effective bacteria to digest the grease, soap and other wastes that are in the tank. A low effective bacterial population may result from by toxic wastes such as bleach, sanitizers, germicides, anti-bacterial soap, medicines, chemicals and others entering the tank.  USAGE: Proper maintenance should begin with a SHOCK treatment of 32 oz for up to a 1500-gallon tank. Monthly preventative maintenance: Pour 8 oz. into toilet and flush or into sink drain and run water for 1 min. If the septic tank is clogged and odorous, add 32 oz directly to the septic tank through the access hole.  After the tank begins functioning properly, begin preventive maintenance schedule.


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