Ultimate Spa Filter Cleaner Fast-Acting Spray for Hot Tub, Jacuzzi & Pool Filters

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  • INSTANT RESULTS! Just Spray On The Filter, And Rinse Away The Soil! Will Remove Body Oils, Suntan Lotion, And Other Organic Material. Get The Most Out Of Your Pool and Spa Filters Using ULTIMATE Spa Filter Cleaner.
  • IMPROVES FILTER LIFE: and It Will Improve The Efficiency Of The Filter As Well As Keeping The Water Crystal Clear. A Clean Filter Will Saves You Money.
  • FAST RINSING: And Leaves No Slimy Residue That Can Cause Foam And Cloudy Water. No More Waiting Hours Or Even Overnight To Get The Filter Clean.
  • VERSATILE: Whether Your Spa, Hot Tub, Or Pool Filter Needs a Deep Cleaning, Or You Want To Maintain A Healthy pH Level In The Water, ULTIMATE Spa Filter Cleaner Will Keep Your Spa In Tip-Top Condition. Ideal For Commercial And Home Use, This Solution Is Meant For Once-Per-Week use To Keep The Water Perfect.



Water                                                         7732-18-5            Diluent

Pentasodium Triphosphate                        7758-29-4            Cleaning Agent

 Tripropylene Glycol Methyl Ether              25498-49-1          Solvent

 Surfactant Mixture                                     Withheld             Cleaning Agent

 Fragrance Mixture                                     N/A        Fragrance