Dusting Mitt Replaces Microfiber Dusting Cloths, Dust Wipes, Feather Dusters. Grabs and Locks in Dust, Pet Hair & Allergens. Dual-Sided Disposable. 20 Mitts.

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  • ğŸ’Ž OUT PERFORMS a feather duster because it keeps the dust from floating into the air.
  • ğŸ’Ž VERY FAST AND EASY To Use. Perfect for use as a blind duster and ceiling fan duster.
  • ğŸ’Ž FRAGRANCE AND CHEMICAL FREE to help keep your home allergen-free!
  • ğŸ’Ž NO NEED TO WASH because our ARTISAN Dusting Mitt is disposable.
  • ğŸ’Ž DUAL SIDED for massive dust removal and it saves you money because they last.