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Granite is a high-end stone that is growing popularity with homeowners in the United States. Along with Marble and Tile, these types of countertops need a specially formulated cleaner to leave a deep clean finish without causing any damage.

Not all cleaners are safe for granite. You’ve probably used cleaners and left white streaks or thinned your countertop sealer. Sealing your counter for the first time is already expensive and if your cleaner is damaging your sealer, resealing every so often would be very costly.

Save money from resealing and effortlessly clean your countertops every time. Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Cleaner is here to bring the true beauty of your home.

Don’t let tough stains and grease stop you from having a perfectly safe and clean kitchen. Feel confident to prepare healthy meals on your clean countertops and don’t spend too much time cleaning up after cooking. Spritz Granite Cleaner on your dirty counter and you’ll see the grease and stains starting to loosen. Finish off by wiping with a dry cloth, no need to rinse. Make cleaning easier and stress-free with Black Diamond Stoneworks.


  • Provides a streak-free clean every time
  • Removes food, grease, oil, fingerprints and cooking spills
  • Safe on food surface areas
  • Easy to use - just spray and wipe
  • Safe for kids and pets, eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Developed and tested by stone care professionals
  • Made in the USA



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    Black Diamond Stoneworks is a family business built on the philosophy of quality, value and performance.

    We believe in creating an environment that you can be proud of, whether it’s in your home or your office. You should be able to achieve this without breaking a sweat and we are here to make sure of that!

    Our range of premium products are designed to deliver results that exceed expectations. We are so sure that our products will perform as advertised so we offer a “money back satisfaction guarantee” on our entire line.
    At Black Diamond Stoneworks, “We Make Cleaning Easy”.

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