Granite Counter Sealer Bulk Pack

Granite Counter Sealer Bulk Pack

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Black Diamond’s granite sealer is the finest quality oil and water repellent available. Using this product will keep your granite looking new for years to come. From Pate’ to peanut butter you can cook with confidence knowing your counters are protected and safe for food contact. This product is so easy to use and because it is water-based and low odor you can seal your granite with out smelling up the whole house. Just spray it on and wipe off…it is that easy. Use it as a part of Black Diamond’s Granite Care System: 1) CLEAN using Black Diamond’s Granite CleanerTM. 2) POLISH using Black Diamond’s Polish PreserverTM. 3) SEAL it with Black Diamond’s Granite SealerTM.

  • Repels Food & Oil stains
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Professional Results
  • Easy to Use
  • Water Based
  • Safe for food contact
  • Save Money & Do It Yourself!
  • 100% Money Back GUARANTEE!