EPA Green Certified Bathroom Cleaner- For Showers, Tubs, Tile & Glass

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Professional Strength, Removes Soap Scum Calcium and Hard water Deposits.
  • SUCCEEDS WHERE ALL OTHERS FAIL: Will exceed your expectations or your MONEY BACK 100% GUARANTEED for 60 days after purchase.
  • COMPLETELY REMOVES ALL OF THE GUNK YOU HATE. Brings back that new, clean, shiny, look you, love.
  • AMAZING! If You are struggling to clean the calcium or soap scum from your shower walls, floors or faucets no more worries, it will all come right off with our GREEN CHOICE Shower Cleaner.
  • OH, MY GOODNESS! JUST BUY IT! Don't think about it anymore! Just do it! This is seriously an awesome product! Sure, you still need to scrub a little to make it work, but it's nowhere near to the amount that you need to scrub with other products! 
  • CONCENTRATED PRODUCT SAVE MONEY: Can be mixed up to 5:1 with water and still will perform like nothing you have seen. Made here in the USA

GREEN CHOICE Shower Cleaner: Removes soap scum, hard water deposits, and rust from your shower, tub and tile: At Black Diamond Stoneworks we believe that our products should “ Make Cleaning Easy”  We also believe that a cleaner should be safe to use for you and your family!  This is not always easy to do because we also want our products to perform as well as conventional cleaning products.  We are proud to offer you our new GREEN CHOICE Shower Cleaner!  We ’ve made our shower cleaner concentrated so it will deeply clean your showers, bathtubs, and tile while saving you money.

NOTE: Do not use on any natural stone because it will etch the stone surface. It might be possible to use it on granite but user excepts all responsibility for any damage incurred. Avoid contact with wallpaper, fabric, and wood.

DIRECTIONS: First wet the surface to be cleaned with water. Dilute up to 1 part Shower Cleaner to five parts of water. Apply product with a sponge or cloth. Scrub the surface until clean and rinse with water. HINT: Let the solution dwell on the surface for a  minute before scrubbing to allow the Shower Cleaner to dissolve the deposits. This will help “ Make Cleaning Easy” Do not allow to dry on the surface.   We recommend the use of rubber gloves to protect your skin and to keep your hands and fingernails looking good!