GET Serious Grease Trap Treatment

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Black Diamonds “GET SERIOUS” Grease Trap Treatment uses enzyme producing bacterial cultures to degrade organic materials, converting them into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). These specially formulated cultures with high degrees of biological activity will reduce fats, oils and greases (FOG) and eliminates offensive odors. It designed to clean the pipes going to the grease trap, the grease trap and the pipes leaving the grease trap, creating a clean, odorless and free-flowing system and is suitable for use in hotels, restaurants and bakeries, hospitals, and other facilities without harming pipes. The regular use of this treatment allows the microorganisms to build colonies inside the trap and help reduce or prevent the accumulation of FOG, which can slowly cause blockages in the line. . It eliminates hydrogen sulfide odors (rotten egg smell) and other foul odors and gases produced from waste products. It is harmless to plants, animals, and marine life and is non-pathogenic. It can be dispersed manually or from automatic bacterial enzyme injection equipment. Shelf Life: 2 years When you are ready to GET SERIOUS about your maintenance and cleaning needs it is time to step up to Black Diamonds GET SERIOUS line of products. Stop wasting your time and money on inferior products. These products are all professional strength for whenever you desire the best!
  • Professional Strength-Fast Acting
  • Keeps Grease Traps & Drains Flowing
  • Safe on Pipes & Plumbing
  • Eliminates Offensive Odors